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Welding Service
Western North Carolina

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Aluminum Welding

  Aluminum Welding requires different techniques and processes than welding steel. A lot of times we cross paths with aluminum projects not just in an industrial environment, but also in residential projects. Here at Miller FabWorks we have got you covered with Aluminum Welding experience. Before you go buy new, give me a call and lets take a look at your aluminum issue. In most cases we can save you a lot of money by performing repairs with welding and fabrication. Mobile Welding Services is available 24 Hours. Free Estimates. We have a couple forms of repair when it comes to aluminum. In the field we use a spool gun to repair aluminum 1/8th of an inch thick or greater. In the shop we have an aluminum tig welder to do fine and precise work such as on engine parts and thinner material. We have expertise in aluminum boat repair, Contact Miller FabWorks today!

Miller FabWorks
Mobile Welding Service

  Hello, My name is Luke Miller, a welding contractor based out of Granite Falls, NC. I am a licensed and certified welder with an associates degree in welding technology and metallurgy. Miller FabWorks and Mobile Welding strives for excellence in every facet of the industry. We want to meet and exceed your expectations with our quality and quickness of work. Western North Carolina based welder covering the Granite Falls, Lenoir, Asheville, Black Mountain, Taylorsville, Mooresville, Morganton, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton, Newton Hickory, Boone, Shelby, Gastonia, Mount Holly, and Huntersville areas among others in North Carolina.

Miller FabWorks

Gate Entryway

Gates and Entryways

  We also specialize in high end entryways and gates for your property. We can build you a custom gate with a CNC plasma cut scene of your liking. I work with a fellow business partner that is very skilled in CNC. We do all of the leg work as well, such as installing posts, all the way to laying rock for finish work. If you need a custom entry gate for your farm or ranch call me today and we can get started on your project right away!


Hinge Welding Repairs

  Working our vehicles and equipment causes normal wear and tear, but sometimes accidents happen and damage can be substantial or a combination of both issues. When you have a damage problem with your metal equipment give us a call here at Miller FabWorks before you go buy a new item. In most cases we can fix your damage and save your hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We have a 24 Hour Mobile Welding Service and give Free Estimates. Give us a call today!


Hinge Before


Hinge After

Mobile Service

  Our service truck is set up to do a variety of jobs, including Stick welding, Metal inert gas(mig) welding, Flux-cored arc welding(Fcaw), Tungsten inert gas(tig) welding, Oxy-fuel torch cutting, Plasma cutting, and Arc gouging for quick removal of material. We also have a spool gun for aluminum field repairs! We run a Miller Trailblazer 325 as our main power plant for running our tools, air compressors, and welding equipment.

Commercial Services

  We are your staircase masters! Let us be the key to your next industrial staircase, mezzanine, or dock stair. We also do maintenance and repair work on dock levelers and make dock bumper guard plates!

Fuel Tank Welding

  We can weld on fuel tanks, aluminum, steel, etc; if the tank has no fuel in them. We can weld NPT Bungs on, make changes, and build tanks. We are not so inclined to weld on tanks that have had gasoline in them unless they are free of odor or we purge the tank with water, which can be a costly service. That being said, we can do it.

Trailor Repairs

  We specialize in trailer repair and modifications. I have repaired and modified many trailers. I can build custom dump gates, repair wrecked trailers, add standards, winch mounts, fix broken axle hangers, and lengthen or shorten trailers. We can also build custom trailers. We also work on tractor trailers as well! Rebuilding tractor trailer bumpers and ICC bumpers are a breeze for us!

Custom Fabrication

  Here is an example of our custom fabrication work. Our customer needed to mount a debris blower on his dump trailer. The debris blower came with mounts to attach it to the rear doors, but the blower was too heavy and tore the doors off the hinges. We were able to create a rigid mount that was removable for service. He now also has the ability to pull up to the curb and have his employees grab the leaves and go. Before his employees were having to move the machine on and off the trailer, which was a time killer. We pulled out all the stops and were also able to repair his tailgate into working condition again. Our customer was very happy and is a repeat customer as well!

Service Areas

  Miller FabWorks Moblie Welding Service offers Welding and Fabrication Services to most of Western North Carolina including: Caldwell County, Burke County, Catawba County - Granite Falls, Lenoir, Asheville, Black Mountain, Taylorsville, Mooresville, Morganton, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton, Newton Hickory, Boone, Shelby, Gastonia, Mount Holly, Huntersville, and others. If you don't see your location listed, give us a call and we may still be able to help you with your project. Some items can be brought to our physical location in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Call us today!

Heavy Equipment Welding

  We offer a wide range of heavy equipment repair, including replacing wear bars, teeth, patching worn metal parts, applying hardfacing, fixing cracks in excavators, frames, etc. Whether it be at the landfill or on the jobsite, if your equipment breaks give me a call. We have the ability to cut new pin bosses, build bumpers and other various repairs, fabrications, and modifications that can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars instead of buying new equipment or parts.

Heavy Equipment Welding

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Bumper Fabrications

  Sometimes vehicle manufacturors don't quite equip our vechiles with options we would like or need, especially bumpers, guards, rails, or other needed additions. Miller FabWorks in Granite Falls, North Carolina has all kinds of ideas for your welding and fabrication needs. We can design a fabricated bumper, set of rails, toolboxes, or other things your vehicle may need to excellerate your business idea. 24 Hour Mobile Welding Service is offered to Western NC at very reasonable rates. Call us today! We give Free Estimates.

Bumper Fabrications


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