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Mobile Welding Service

Granite Falls NC


Welding and Fabrication
Caldwell - Burke - Catawba

Miller FabWorks offers Mobile Welding and Fabrication Services to Caldwell, Burke, Catawba Counties and other surrounding areas, including Lenoir, Morganton, and Hickory North Carolina. We are a licensed and insured mobile welding service based out of Caldwell county with 7+ years of experience in the heavy industrial, steel erection field. We bring to the table trust, value, dependability, and pride in a job well done. We practice flexibility to do welding repair onsite with limited notice. 24 Hour Mobile Welding Service FREE ESTIMATES.

Luke Miller Welder

About Miller Fab Works
Mobile Welding

  Miller FabWorks Mobile Welding is owned by certified NC welder Luke Miller in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Certified and qualified quality craftsmanship Welding and Fabrication. Mobile Welding Services for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential customers. Miller FabWorks offers Mobile Welding Service for many welding projects, fabrications, repairs, and modifications. Custom Fabrication, Cutting, Fences, Gates, General repairs and modifications, Handrails, Railings, Staircases, Aluminum Repairs, Equipment Repair, Heavy Equipment Repair, Mobile Welding, Pipe Fitting, Staircases Handrails, Stick Welding, and much more. Our main goal is to provide great service to our customers big and small.

Mobile Welding Service

Mobile Services

  Call Miller FabWorks today and we can schedule your welding needs. We are mobile and can get to your project in a reasonable time at an affordable rate. Convienence to our customers with our mobile welding service and quality fabrications. Miller FabWorks Mobile Welding Service. 24 Hour Mobile Welding Services.

Great Rates

  Miller FabWorks provides quality Welding and Fabrication Services at reasonable and affordable rates. Competitive to today's welding standards, Miller FabWorks Mobile Welding Service is going to provide quality services for your welding or fabrication project.

Quality Weld System

  We are going to use competent analysis and precise welding skills in designing your new fabrication or welding project. Here at Miller FabWorks Mobile Welding Service we are going to take care of your next welding or fabrication project with professional craft and skill.

Metal Welding

  Over time, the machines, structures, and other metal items we purchase get damage, wear out, or may need to be modified from the original state to perform for our needs. Here at Miller FabWorks, we can repair, fabricate, and modify your item or project and have you up and running quickly at a great rate. Our Mobile Welding Service comes to you and skillfully gets your welding and fabrication needs met. Call today!

Mobile Welding Services

Custom Fabrication Repairs

  Have you seen the prices on new equipment lately? Some machines and metal made apparatuses cost a small fortune! Don't even consider purchasing a new machine until you have called Luke Miller at Miller FabWorks in Granite Falls, North Carolina. His Mobile Welding Service can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars versus buying new equipment. If you need metal welding, fabrication, or welding design, call Miller FabWorks today!


Before Custom Fabrication


Custom Fabrication

Weld Modifications

  Ever bought a machine or metal apparatus that was not exactly what you were looking for, but you bought it because the price was right? What about a set of metal stairs that works, but needs more safety? Could be that you have a metal hauling trailer that has no place to store an extra tire in case you have a flat. No need to go back and buy that more expensive item. Give Miller FabWorks a call today and you can save hundreds of dollars with quality welding and fabrication services and the Mobile Welding Service comes to you!

Welding Modifications

Miller FabWorks
Mobile Welding Service


Custom Flatbeds and Bumpers

  Here at Miller Fabworks we also build fully custom flatbeds built to your specifications. We can create a taylormade plan that fits your design and needs. From a simple bed with a couple tool boxes to a fully rigged welding bed, we’ve got you covered. We can also fabricate front and rear bumpers for your rig, as well as tailgates and headache racks.

Flatbed Modifications

Flatbed Modifications

Bumper Fabrication

Bumper Fabrication

Entryway Gates

  Don't want the mailman revving up your dogs? What about the flying vacuume cleaner salesman soliciting the most amazing product? Or maybe, you need to just keep individuals out of your business or home for a piece of mind. Here at Miller FabWorks we have got a fix for you. Whether you need automated, manual, or semi-manual gate control, we can design a perfect entryway to your home or business. We give Free Estimates to Western North Carolina. Call us today!

Entryway Gates


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North Carolina Counties

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